Simon Cansick - Professional Pyrotechnician with UK Professional Firework Company Hi-5 Fireworks.

Simon Cansick
Professional Pyrotechnician

Simon Cansick is a professional pyrotechnician with Hi-5 Fireworks, and one of the company's most experienced senior firers. He is also the company's chemistry expert and his passion lies in the manufacturing of fireworks as much as the displays themselves.

In his spare time he likes nothing more than designing, building and testing his own fireworks, and his latest project is the much fabled chrysanthemum of mystery effect.

Simon has been involved in fireworks for over 20 years and has fired hundreds of safe and spectacular shows, from wedding firework displays to major corporate events and festival firework finales.

Simon is a director of Hi-5 Fireworks; importing the professional quality fireworks from China which are used extensively in Hi-5 displays. Simon holds the BPA Level 2 qualification, which is currently the highest level qualification available in the UK firework display industry. He also has the IOSH Managing Safely and ADR Hazardous Materials Transportation Qualifications.

Simon says he loves all of the Hi-5 Displays, but when we pushed him for his top two he mentioned the November 2018 Kibworth show and our recent fireworks display for the MOD at Richmond Castle (despite the de-rig nightmare).

" I wish we did more shows in Yorkshire, particularly in Malton which is where I live. Dave always gets home at a reasonable hour and I get home when it's starting to get light. Either that or I'd love some further afield displays so that we both get home late ;-)

I really look forward to firing large shows, particularly to family audiences. Seeing the look of wonder on a child's face is just priceless and makes it all worth while. Fortunately, we're lucky enough to work with the Lions so we do a fair few family shows. I just love them. "
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